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Andy Martin Andy Martin

I would like to thank Rosemarie for designing my website. She is extremely talented and knows exactly what you want plus she is a very nice lady too ,she is funny and relaxes you and that reflects in her designs so you get what you want

thanks Rosemarie

Geoffrey Cheers
(Andy Martin)

Bill Bennett Bill Bennett

Rosemarie, I cannot thank you enough for what you have achieved with my web-site! You are a marvel! If the Black Diamonds say you are a Diamond, then I want to borrow you for my Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin show! Your talent knows no bounds.

I would further like to thank Rosemarie for her professionalism in adding those extra touches to make web-site more presentable.

This lady is one gem to all aspiring entertainers!

Bill Bennett
The Black Diamonds The Black Diamonds Band

The lads will never be able to repay Rosemarie for her expertise, dedication and friendship, however we will try!

The number of visitors we receive to our site says it all. Quite simply, Rose is the fifth Black Diamond.

XXXX The Black Diamonds
David Stopp David Stopp

Rosemarie is so talented. Her videos are beautiful as is her artwork, but most of all Rosemarie is a wonderful person!

David Stopp
Ed Rambeau Ed Rambeau

Many web designers make websites so confusing and that's where Rosemarie Edwards makes the difference. If you're looking for a web designer that makes your site easy to navigate and attractive at the same time then Rosemarie Edwards is the one you should choose. She's so easy to work with and so wonderfully accommodating and helpful that I can assure you she will give you the exact website you've been looking for. She's number one in my book and I'm certain you'll agree once you see the website she designs for you for the very first time.

Ed Rambeau
Eddie Ray Franks Jr Eddie Ray Franks Jr

"Rosemarie Edwards" does a wonderful job on making my videos. Her videos bring the words in my songs to life.

She is great at every thing she does.

I am happy to call her a friend and I highly recommend her work.

Thank you Rosemarie for everything... ."

Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Groovy Uncle Groovy Uncle

Rosemarie designed a perfect website for me and worked tirelessly and patiently getting it exactly how I wanted it.

Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her and I am grateful for the time and effort she has put into making my site perfect for me.

She is Wonder Woman!

Ian M Lindsay Ian M Lindsay

Rose, I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have put into helping me with my site. You helped me turn an idea into something I am proud of. The slide shows you put together for my songs are becoming legendary. You have always been there when I needed advice; updating and amending details at the drop of a hat, finding solutions, making the impossible possible and for that I am truly indebted.

You're one in a million!


John Curtis John Curtis

" My name is John Curtis , I am an entertainer & Disc Jockey in Spain & I am a very happy client of Rosemaries. I "met" her through our mutual friend Mark "Teenage Opera" Wirtz whose Web site (maintained by Rosemarie) I had perused to my delight. This was greatly increased when ,after meeting her via the Internet, she agreed to create a site for me too.

Without wishing to seem remotely big-headed I think I had "Special Requirements" for a web-site that combined all I wanted to put on display to the world & ,with a minimum of fuss, Rosemarie quickly constructed a site for me that has put me on the map.

I would not hesitate to recommend her talents to ANY individual or entity who wishes to set out their stall to the world in today's high-tech communications market."

John Curtis
Jim Whitman Jim Whitman

Just to say a big thank you for the brilliant way you have designed my new web-site.
This has been of enormous help to me and has drawn immediate attention to my site from people worldwide.

Your friendly, helpful manner and expertise is of the highest caliber and you never cease to amaze me with all your wonderful helpful ideas.

Jim Whitman
Katie Rhodes Katie Rhodes

"I absolutely love my website which my friend designed for me and keeps it maintained superbly! Rosemarie has got to be the most talented lady on this planet!! She creates fabulous slide show videos for singers, musicians, bands, well in fact for anything that might require a video - she's amazing, and I love her to bits!

Take a look at all these websites above mine and below mine - Rosemarie created them all!. I so wish she would let me advertise her talents, but she won't hear of it, she says she does it because she loves the people she'd doing them for and not for profit! She should be rolling in money with her skills - somebody speak to her!!!!!

Oh, and my dear friend, I sooooooooooooo love your own website!!!! Brilliant. You are so fantastic and I love you to bits."
Kris Ife Kris Ife

I first became aware of Rosemarie's genius when I was looking at sites that she designed & maintains for friends of mine.

I congratulated her on her work, & she modestly said "It was nothing".

She seems to have no idea how good her work is, & I can't tell you how lucky "Her Guys" are, to be associated with her.

I'm honoured to say that I'm one of them.

Kris Ife
Lainey West Lainey West

I would like to thank my friend the lovely & talented Rosemarie for building me an amazing website, she is just simply the best, I am blown away by videos & other websites she has created and she puts a lot of time & effort into pleasing others. She is loved by many including me, she will forever be my friend. I just can't thank her enough, Love you loads Rosie you are a special lady.
all my luv (((( hugs ))))) & kisses

Lainey West ;-)
Mark Wirtz Mark Wirtz

Rosemarie "Rozeeeee" Edwards has been my loyal and trusted website designer for several years now, spreading the word and keeping me connected with my friends and fans. Moreover, there is no doubt that her clever, creative, captivating vid clips have not only promoted my work, but helped me to win several online comedy and music contests!

Luv ya, Rozeeee! Keep doing what you are doing, you do it very, very well!

Mark P. Wirtz :) xox

Modern Moods Modern Moods

Rosemarie Edwards, you are priceless!

Great Web designer, painter, friend - the list is endless and so is our gratitude.


Tony & Ian
Paul Stevens Paul Stevens

Rosemarie Edwards is one of the nicest, most helpful and talented people that it has ever been my pleasure to meet.

Her help, assistance and creativity has been absolutely invaluable to me and I will forever be in her debt.

She is brilliant.

Paul Stevens
Scott Conrad Scott Conrad

It goes to show how very talented Rosemarie is where web sites are concerned, she designed mine,she knew exactly what I wanted just by word of mouth

I'm more than happy with the outcome, thanks Rosemarie, you are an angel, and best wishes to all acts, specially Rosemarie Edwards' acts.

Scott Conrad
Snail: David Cooke Snail

Rosemarie listens to what you have to say. She is imaginative, inventive and knowledgeable. The site I ended up with way exceeded my expectations.

To say I am delighted is an understatement. The whole creative and consultation process was smooth and enjoyable.

Rosemarie's enthusiasm and care for the project makes her a delight to work with.

I am impressed and am recommending her to all I feel would truly appreciate what she does.

Best wishes, David (Snail)
Tony Rivers Tony Rivers

Rosemarie maintains my website and myspace pages, she does a fantastic job, is always open to trying new things, and also has her own ideas.

Wouldn't happen without her help.

Tony Rivers
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