Lainey West - Country Singer
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Lainey West - Biography

When Lainey was a little girl she remembers watching her mother on a black and white TV on opportunity knocks her mother was in an all girl band called the Mersey birds, she was the base player and the other two women were on drums and lead guitar, Lainey was inspired by her mother who later on taught her how to play guitar and would often sit for hours jamming and singing country songs such as Funny face, I fall to pieces, Jolene and many other old country songs and use to follow each other in harmonies - this later led to them forming a country band together and called themselves Delta Dawn and then changed their name to Sunrise !

They went on to work in Portugal for two weeks were Laineys mother decided to go back to live, Lainey joined up with another girl singer to take her mothers place they called themselves Blue Horizon and they went on to sing for several years until the band split up.

Lainey then went on to backing her friend on Harmonies and were a resident act in her fathers club in Liverpool who was the compare. She later went on to live in Manchester where she met her ex husband and they were a duet act for a while until they sadly got divorced and she decided to go out as a solo artist and was nervous doing so as she has never been on her own before in the entertaining world and being alone in a big city missing her friends and family back home in Liverpool, regardless her father trying to coaxed her back home she decided to stay and give it ago alone.

Lainey worked really hard putting together a large repertoire of songs to suit all ages even though Country has always been the real main love of her life with starting off as a Country artist 26 years ago with her mother, her catalogue of songs can range from Country, Irish, Motown, Swing, Jazz, Rock n roll, Blues, Pop, 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and also likes to bring along a few props to add a bit of spice and fun to her act like her puppet Loui Armstrong where she does a sing along with to songs like ....Hello Dolly, Bill Bailey and When the saints, which her audience go wild over and tends to take him along to venues such as The Buffalo's Golf clubs at dinner parties and Cricket clubs as well as residential homes.

Lainey says she has always been a bit of a tongue in cheek type of joker and likes to have a banter with her audience she says it's such a joy to make people laugh as well as touch a heart with a certain song and has many a time brought a tear to someone through a song which can often make her emotional with them and has met a lot of nice friends along the way . She has also worked all across the North West as far as the Lake district , South Wales, Stoke on Trent and Yorkshire she has also worked abroad in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland were she picked up a lot of Irish songs.

Lainey was proud to win her ever first award which she is highly proud of and says it's so nice after 27 yrs to win an award and was worth putting in all that hard work and effort. She is now happily remarried and her partner Colin takes her to all her venues and is also part manager who also guides her in the right direction she says he is her rock as well as her best friend and often says she dosen't know where she'd be without him, he has got me through a lot of difficult times in my life and would probably not still be doing this now if it wasn't for him so a big thank you goes out to the love of my life and deserves some credit for all his support, love and friendship "I love him with all my heart".

Lainey would like to get back to her Country roots again as she says she prefers her country songs and finds it more fun watching the line dancers and hopes to one day just work in the CMC clubs so if there are any Country Agents out there please feel free to contact me on tel - 07707834980. Home -0161-653-2674

Many thanks into taking time to pop in and read my biography
Love and Light to each and all xx